5 Branding Tips for Your Wellness Business

Let’s get right to it, 5 branding tips that you can implement to help brand your wellness business. I created this list to help small business owners create a magnetic brand for their audience. I want to see you thrive and these tips will help you think creatively!

1. Avoid Wellness Brand Cliches

When designing your wellness brand, you may want to go with your first idea. This initial creative idea may sound great but you don’t want to be like every other wellness brand out there.

Dig a little deeper, brainstorm and come up with a few different ideas first before you choose your logo design or wellness brand style.

Your wellness brand deserves to be just as unique as you are!

2. Function over Aesthetic

We are drawn to pretty things. However, when it comes to your wellness brand, it’s best to design a brand that is intentional and functional first.

What do I mean by intentional and functional? A great brand goes deep into the psychology of color, understanding how your brand is going to make your audience feel, and ultimately winning your potential customers over because they are drawn to your brand like a magnet.

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3. Become a Client Magnet for Your Wellness Brand

Here’s how you turn your brand into a magnet for your potential customers:

  • Identify your audience. (Age, gender, interests,
    where they hang out, etc.)
  • Identify your strengths and uniqueness. Becoming a magnet is about highlighting what makes you different and how you can help your customers.

4. Limit your Time on Pinterest

I absolutely love Pinterest. But when it comes to designing your wellness brand, sometimes gathering too much inspiration can cloud your creative juices. you might end of designing a brand that looks like everyone else! That’s not what we want.

Here’s what to do instead:

Grab the pen and paper. It’s time to get back the basics. Brainstorm ideas, sketch logos, and let your imagination run wild. You might be surprised with what you come up with!

5. Done is better than Perfect

I am a perfectionist which makes it hard to sometimes start a project. You may be feeling overwhelmed with getting started on your brand. That’s okay! I feel that way too. Remember, you can always refine and re-brand your business down the road.

Don’t let your perfectionism or worry stop you from building your business. You got this!

Need inspiration? Check out this colorful and unique wellness brand here!

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