Yoga Teacher Income Streams: 7 Ways

Becoming a full-time yoga teacher is a beautiful endeavor, fueled by passion and a desire to share the transformative power of yoga with others.

In 2024, the opportunities to not only inspire others but also sustain yourself financially are abundant. This blog post is from one entrepreneur to another to let you know that it is possible to turn your hobby into a business! It is possible to make to make money as a yoga teacher in 2024 thanks to the digital space and social media. So let’s dive into the 7 income streams for yoga teachers so that you can get inspired about how to make money teaching yoga!

1. Explore Diverse Teaching Platforms

Expanding your reach is more accessible than ever! We live in a digital age and that can be both a overwhelming and exciting thing. (all in moderation, right?) I think we’ve all learned from COVID that yoga classes don’t need to be in-person.

By offering virtual classes through digital platforms like Zoom, IG Live, or Youtube, or creating online courses on platforms like Udemy, you can broaden your audience, connect with students around the world and make money with online yoga classes.

Let’s talk a little bit more about diversifying your teaching methods through the creation of online courses on platforms like Udemy. These platforms offer a versatile space for educators to design and deliver courses on a wide array of subjects. By developing online courses, yoga teachers can cater to a broader audience beyond the confines of a physical studio. Students can access course materials at their own pace, fostering a self-directed learning environment.

2. Collaborate with Wellness Apps

Partnering with wellness and mindfulness apps can be a rewarding option as well! Many individuals are turning to apps for guided practices. By lending your expertise to such platforms, you not only reach a broader audience but also make money teaching yoga.

Collaborating with apps such as Calm, Headspace, and Yoga for Beginners, presents a valuable opportunity for yoga teachers. Yoga teachers are able to extend their teaching and contribute to the well-being of a diverse online audience. As the demand for mental health and mindfulness practices grows, we are increasingly turning to apps that offer guided sessions and techniques. By partnering with these platforms, teachers can share their expertise and educational content, reaching a more people that need mental health support and personal development.

The accessibility of apps ensures that individuals from various backgrounds and geographical locations can benefit from the guidance of teachers, creating a positive ripple effect in promoting mental well-being.

3. Host Yoga Workshops and Yoga Teacher Retreats

Hosting workshops and retreats offers yoga teachers a unique avenue to create deeper connections with students and simultaneously generate income. These immersive experiences, whether held in a tranquil weekend retreat location or through specialized workshops, provide a platform for intensive learning and personal growth. Participants often value the opportunity to step away from their daily routines and engage in a focused, in-depth exploration of a subject such as arm balances or breathwork.

A weekend retreat in a serene location can create an environment for relaxation and open-minded learning. The change of scenery enhances the overall experience, fostering a sense of community among participants. Specialized workshops, on the other hand, allow educators to delve into specific topics, providing participants with targeted knowledge and skills.

Through workshops and retreats, yoga teachers not only enrich the educational journey for their students but also establish a sustainable income stream!

4. Private Yoga Sessions and Personalized Yoga Programs

Providing one-on-one sessions or personalized yoga programs is another option that will allow you to meet the unique needs of individuals while creating an additional stream of income. This personalized touch enables instructors to tailor their teachings to the specific goals, abilities, and preferences of each student. Whether it’s addressing particular health concerns, focusing on specific poses, or adapting to varying skill levels, the one-on-one format creates a highly customized and responsive learning environment.

Beyond the benefits to the students, offering personalized sessions enhances the educator’s ability to build strong, individual connections.

This personalized approach often leads to increased student satisfaction and loyalty, as students appreciate the attention to their needs. From a business perspective, charging a premium for personalized sessions or programs can contribute significantly to the educator’s overall income, making it a profitable stream of income.

5. Create and Sell Yoga Merchandise

Now this is my personal favorite! Beyond teaching, consider selling branded yoga mats, clothing, or even creating a line of wellness products. Your unique teaching style and personal touch can be translated into merchandise that resonates with your students and the yoga community.

  • Want to work with a designer that can translate your ideas into life? Maybe you need a little help with the creative direction and don’t know where to start? Investing in a professional designer that specializes in yoga merchandise might be the next step for you to take.
Yoga Mat Designed by Sarah Joy Street

DESIGN TIP: If you already have a brand, you’ll want your merch to stay consistent within your branding. This means creating merchandise using the same color palette, typefaces and graphics in your visual identity.

Need some inspiration? Check out a modern and minimal yoga studio brand and website design here!

Developing and marketing your own line of yoga products not only promotes your brand but allows you to make money as a yoga teacher. Yogis often seek products that align with their values and connect them to their practice. From eco-friendly mats to branded activewear, your merchandise can cater to various preferences within the yoga community. Creating an online shop not only increases your income but also allows you promote wellness. It’s a creative way to blend business with your passion for yoga.

6. Write a Yoga Blog or eBook

Sharing your yoga teacher expertise through a blog or writing an eBook is a powerful way to share knowledge, connect with a broader audience, and become an online income stream for yoga teachers. Through a yoga blog, you can offer valuable insights, practical tips for beginners, philosophy of yoga, or share personal stories that connect with your readers. (plus it’s great for SEO!) Blogs not only establish you as an expert in the field but they allow you to connect with individuals worldwide.

Try monetizing your content through advertising on your blog or by selling your eBook. Ad revenue and eBook sales can provide a steady income stream for online yoga teachers while you continue to inspire and educate your audience.

making money as a corporate yoga teacher

7.Offer Corporate Yoga Programs

Yoga teachers can extend their services to businesses by offering on-site or virtual yoga sessions.

Many companies now recognize the impact of yoga on employee well-being, including stress reduction and improved mental health. By reaching out to businesses and creating yoga programs to fit the corporate environment, instructors can play an important role in enhancing employee health and job satisfaction.

Corporate wellness programs offer a benefit of not only contributing to the well-being of employees but also serving as a steady and reliable income source for yoga instructors. On-site sessions during lunch breaks or virtual classes for remote employees provide flexibility and convenience, making it easier for companies to bring yoga into their wellness initiatives. As businesses prioritize employee health and engagement, yoga instructors can establish long-term partnerships, contributing to a healthier workforce while building a sustainable income stream.

Remember that finding financial sustainability as a yoga teacher is going to vary for everyone. Find what works for you and be open to new possibilities! Stay true to your passion and know that you can a profitable yoga business and make money teaching yoga online!

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